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Since buying the shop in August 2001,
I have been rewarded everyday with wonderful pets and their owners.

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Personal Statement

Upon retiring as a personal and professional chef, I decided to work with something that gives me great love and joy. With my 20 years of grooming dogs and horses I took a chance at 54 years old to open Mimi's Dog Grooming Salon.

My husband, Henri Jean who is originally from France, quit his professional chef business to help us in the shop as well. He is the "Standard Poodle King!"

We are a little company all with the love and compassion to offer your best friend, as well as a professional grooming appearance. As of this year, we are one, if not busiest, shops in the San Francisco Bay area grooming 30-40 dogs per day.

Please feel free to call and ask questions and we will try to help you with your pet. During our busy morning hours, we cannot always get to the phone. Please leave a message on our voice mail and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Check back once in awhile for new information and check out our happy dogs.

Thanks for visiting us!